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Tomight Massage Pillow 3 Adjustable Speeds Pillow Massager with 4 Heated Balls – Black

Product Specs:

Tomight Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat Is Perfecct for Releasing Stress, Aches, Tension and Knots. Neck Shoulder & Back Massager with Heat - Incredibly Relaxing. ONE YEAR WARRANTY is Guaranteed!

Use Anywhere Anytime:

a great little machine that offers versatility in function as well as portability. Plug it in, put it where it hurts, & it melts away the knots in your muscles, melting the pain away. Want heat? You've got it. Just want massage? You've got that, too. Worried about falling asleep & letting it run too long? No worries. It shuts off automatically after, if memory serves 15 minutes. It is a shiatsu massage pillow for neck, shoulders, waist, legs, foot and other body parts.

High Quality Material:

The Tomight Massager is made of 100% durable and super high-quality materials. Use as much and often as you want and they'll be guaranteed to provide long term use!

BONUS: Equipped with both Car and Home Adapter!

You live a busy life and we understand that. The FREE car charger that is included allows you to use your Shiatsu Massager on the go! Whether you are in a sales job and require long drives on the road or an Uber/Lyft driver that spends 40+ hours a week on the road, the included car charger makes it ultra-convenient for you to use your personal massager on the go!